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Going for a run away from Stonehaven and so close to civilization is uncomfortable but it's been eight days since his last change. He can't put it off any longer. Clay took the 15 minute drive to Los Padres outside of Santa Barbara. Clay finds a secluded spot behind some bushes and does one final check for any humans that might find him while he is changing. After a few moments he is confident he is alone.

Taking off his clothes he finds a place out of sight for them, bends down on fours and begins the change. The transition smooth and painful, but a pain he has known for most of his life, as natural to him as back pain is to others.

After long minutes in place of the lean, six foot, blonde haired professor is a large blonde wolf. With no-one else around he starts to run off the beaten path, listening to the new sounds and smelling the new smells. Even from here he can smell the ocean. He picks up the scent of a squirrel and begins to follow it.

The chase for the squirrel is a cautious one, always being careful of humans. The last thing he needs is to be spotted.

Date: 2014-06-21 08:38 pm (UTC)
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At least one of those women is recognizable as the girl who walked into his office earlier that morning.

At least three more in the back do actually squeak when a man walks in, grabbing towels to cover themselves. One of them is already rushing off toward the office.

Rachel is silently congratulating herself on a job well done, smug little smile as she closes her eyes and focuses on the shape and form of a tiny little insect who travels like a drunk jet packer.

The first change is the segmenting of her legs, adding joints, bending her current joints backwards. It doesn't hurt but there is plenty of noise, cracks that echo in her single stall but not loud enough to sound over the conversation in the locker room.

Date: 2014-06-21 08:55 pm (UTC)
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Ha! Xena: Warrior Princess strikes again!

...okay, Rachel's never seen an episode but she suspects Xena never hid from a possible ally, morphed fly, and snuck out a bathroom window.


Still, there's always time to enjoy the insanity that is the flight of a standard housefly.


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