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Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Stonehaven, New York, United States of America
At the age of five I met a werewolf, I knew what it was and I wanted to be it too. I wanted to be a monster like him, a monster isn't afraid, they are what others were afraid of. So I searched for days until I found him again. Walked up to him and told him to bite me or I would tell people about him. The old man was amused and decided to bite me as I asked, then tried to kill me. Through no skill of my own I survived. And that was it, I became a werewolf, the only child werewolf in recorded history to have survived a bite.

I lived in the Bayou of Lousiana for years before I was found by the pack. Jeremy Danvers adopted me, he became my foster father and my alpha. And so I became Clayton Danvers. Being a werewolf with an IQ of 160 meant that I didn't get along with the other students at school but my pack brother Nick and I are inseperable when we are together.

Having been a werewolf for so long, and perhaps having lived on instinct alone in the bayou I am at times more wolf than human. Humans hunt for sport. I do not. At the age of 17 I cut up a mutt for hours keeping him alive and taking pictures. I had his friend spread the word of what happens when a mutt comes after a pack wolf. I took no pleasure in this, in fact the mutt was sedated the entire time, but I did it to protect the pack because that is what is most important me.

I am six foot tall, average build though very muscular having bulked up to protect my pack. With my blond cropped curls and handsome face I tend to get unwanted attention especially from human females, which for me is any attention. My preference would be to be invisible to the human world. In the werewolf world I am feared which works best.

As a werewolf I have heightened senses, smell, taste, hearing, accelerated healing, and of course there is the whole turning into a wolf at will. While I can do it at will if I don't turn into a wolf enough it will eventually come out. At Stonehaven I run as a wolf at least twice a week. When I reach nearly a week without changing my mood darkens and I am even quicker than normal to lose my temper because the wolf gets restless and eventually will force it's way out. As a pack member we do not eat humans and have enough control to be able to change single parts of my body into wolf form.

One of the main goals of the pack is to keep the existance of werewolves from the human world. We keep to ourselves and if a mutt risks exposing us we deal with him. I say him because there are no female werewolves. Most werewolves are hereditary and the gene is only passed through the male line. There are no recorded instances of a woman surviving being bitten.

a link to a contact post, Contact Post

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at milliways_bar and ten_fwd; I am not Clayton Danvers, who is the property of Kelley Armstrong. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."

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