Date: 2014-06-21 01:28 pm (UTC)
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It's after sunrise and he's off to school - Rachel's glad it's summer for her, no need to rush off to her own middle school. She'll have to get back home in time to convince her mother she was just 'out for a run,' but there's time for that. Gymnastics camp starts in a couple of weeks, that's all the excuse she needs for getting out of the house to exercise for long periods of time.

Bald eagles can't fly nearly as fast as he's driving his car. Rachel focuses on building altitude, flapping hard until she can get to the nearest stretch of asphalt. Even this early, the summer sun has heated the road enough to create a thermal and as the hot air billows up beneath her wings, Rachel breathes a silent sigh of relief.

So much easier than flapping.

Following his car leads her straight to UCSB. Bald eagles aren't much for subtlety but, luckily, most people look around, not up. She waits until he's walked into the building and swoops down to land on a parking lot light, the pole twenty feet in the air and her talons curling around the metal edging surrounding the bulb.

From here, her 'student' theory is ruined as she peers through a window and watches him unlock an office. She can't see the name on the door from here, but she can see where the office is. She can check on that later.

And now he's... going to be boring. Sitting in his messy office, working steadily.

Granted, after going for a long morning flight with a boy she-- may or may not have something that could be defined as a 'relationship' with - Rachel was planning on going home and getting breakfast made for her sisters so her mom could go to work. But there's still something mildly offensive about a human morphing wolf, morphing out, and then going to do something perfectly innocuous instead of making it clear who he is and how he got his abilities.
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