Date: 2014-06-21 02:09 pm (UTC)
theresnodoor: (Grown-up: Paying attention)
From: [personal profile] theresnodoor
Ew ew ew ew ew ew gross. There are few things Rachel wants to see less than dramatic flirtation and blatant rejection. The student doesn't look any younger than he does, but he's obviously a professor. She can't hear them from her current location but body language speaks just fine. And loudly.

She's running out of time, but she also doesn't want to lose track of him. He might be a permanent professor, he might not, and Jake's already going to be ticked at her for going after him in the first place. Rachel's only way out of this is to bring back something useful.

So he doesn't like scantily clad flirtatious students. That's fine.

...but Rachel left her clothes in the woods. That's less fine.

Luckily, her morphing outfit doubles as a workout outfit. Okay, yes, she's barefoot as she swoops into a parking garage and around a corner for cover, demorphing into a black leotard and very bare feet, but if she's careful, he might not notice.

And hey, when is Rachel ever not careful, honestly?

(shut up)

Clay is left alone for a good quarter of an hour. Then there's the scent of young female human and, a moment later, a knock on his door.
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