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After a while of writing Clay stands and walks over to a fully stocked bookshelf. Lined with Anthroplogy texts. He pulls one off the shelf and turns to a chapter on jaguar cults and walks back to his desk while reading.

His nostrils flare shortly before there is a knock at the door. He stands there just watching it before a female voice comes through, "Um professor." he sighs and walks back to his desk. This is the part he hates most about his job.

The student enters and repeats, "Um professor."

"What?" he says coldly. This student has been here before and it's never anything relevant.

She gives Dr. Danvers an appriative once over, then a twice over. Sitting on his desk trying to get his attention. Her voice changes from hesitant to flirtatious. "I though maybe we could have a private tutoring session. I'm having trouble with this paragraph." she leans over to expose her breast to his face.

Clay has to bite back a growl but settles for slamming his book shut. Stands up and walks to the door holding it open. He scowls at her.

The girl pouts and walks out having been rejected. Her skin tight mini skirt and low cut sleeveless blouse clinging to her body. Clay doesn't notice, he is only annoyed that she isn't interested in the seminar she signed up for. It baffles him that these students don't seem to care or enjoy learning. "What are they doing here?" he asks for himself.
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